Thoughts on Double Parking

After I wrote and posted my last post, I read this post on DCist about the double parking problem in Shaw, which happens to be my neighborhood. The problem is that people commuting to their old churches after they have moved away. I was thinking about it because the Baptist church I was playing at is based in my neighborhood. They are starting a new church in Maryland, which is where most of the double parkers are coming from.

I don't really know what I think about the double parking issue. It is certainly a problem, though not as bad as Shiloh exerting its influence in Shaw. But as someone who drives to another neighborhood to go to church, I understand the pull that one's home church has. My church has a parking lot, so parking is not a problem, but you can be sure that the neighbors would kick up a fuss if it were. Though my church's neighbors have found other things to complain about. Sorry about the link, but I can't seem to get the first page of the story. Basically, some neighbors didn't like my church's fake bells ringing in their neighborhood.

I don't want to justify double parking, but I think a lot of the complaints come from people like the guy in the story about my church, people who don't like the church regardless of what it does. Double parking is certainly a problem, a potentially dangerous one too, but some understanding of what is bringing people back to these church's could go a long way. A church is not like a 7-11 or a Safeway, you don't just switch to another because it is closer.

I apologize for the rambling, incoherent, nature of this post. Unfortunately my editor is on vacation.

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  1. In frisco the city hires one day a week parking attendants, usually look like high school kids, to block off and reserve one lane on many two lane roads to be used as parking for people going to Church. Traffic doesn't really move slower by any appreciable amount because most of the traffic during this time in the morning is church traffic anyways. And that guy in the story is a dick.