I Only Hear What I Want To

I am a little surprised that I have not seen a lot of commentary on Lisa Loeb's show "#1 Single." It is a dating show, but with Lisa Loeb. I have only seen one episode, but it was pretty fantastic. To begin with, apparently Lisa is ready to get married and have children. This means that she is not just looking for a boyfriend, but a husband, which makes each date more dire than most and shines a harsh spotlight on potential suitors. For example, she gets set up with a guy who doesn't eat vegetables. At the end of the date, one of the reasons that she decides that guy is not the one is because she doesn't want to give up vegetables for the rest of her life.

All of that is well and good, but the reason that I found the episode particularly fantastic is the other, though unsaid, reason why Lisa decided not to see the non-vegetable guy again. At one point during the date, non-vegetable guy finds a karaoke machine. This is a blind date at one of Lisa's friend's house by the way. So the guy sets up the karaoke machine, says "This is a song that has been stuck in my head for the past 10 years," and proceeds to sing "Stay" to Lisa Loeb! And what is worse, he doesn't even know the words that well. So the camera just shows Lisa sitting on a sofa while this idiot attempts to serenade her, poorly, with her own song. It is fantastic, I was almost in tears I was laughing so hard.

The rest of the show was fairly boring, but this one moment was worth the 25 minutes or so that proceeded it. But what is really important is that I learned what not to do should Dido show up at our apartment on a blind date.

UPDATE: I don't think I realized how fantastic that karaoke moment was at first. I mean, what was the guy thinking, "Hey remember that time you broke up with that guy? It sounded pretty hard on you. Let's have sex!"

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