Can't Talk Now, I Have a Class to Teach!

So, I have been kinda busy.

Last Friday I played Journopalooza with the Surge. While a weird gig, probably not the weirdest that I have ever played. It did kinda feel like a wedding though, and not a cool Belgian or Californian wedding.

On Monday, I saw Betrayed with Sarah Jessica Parker. Some may say that I saw Betrayed in the same theater as Sarah Jessica Parker, and I may say that those people are jerks. It was a really good play, and family friend Jeremy Beck was great.

On Tuesday I feel at a work event and cut my left pointer finger pretty good. It bled for about a day, and that was fun. I got a tetanus shot, now with extra Whopping Cough protection, so it was really a fortunate accident. It is also fortunate that I am not in a band right now, because I cannot play an instrument right now, and probably won't be able to play for at least a week.

Speaking of my former band, we have been nominated for a Wammie for Modern Rock group. I don't quite know how I feel about this.

Finally, Aloha Hawaii.


Bring Him Home

I saw Signature Theater's production of Les Miserables yesterday, and it is very good. I think people will find it particularly affecting if they have seen a fully Broadway style production. People much smarter than me have already written about it, but let me add two things that I liked.

First, the intimate staging gives a "Do You Hear the People Sing?" a nice accusatory feeling. The performers are really close to everyone in the audience, and look directly at the audience throughout the performance. When I have seen this number in traditional performances, the song has inviting feel, sort of "come on down and join us." In this production it has a "look at all of this tragedy, what are YOU going to do about it." I like that switch.

Second. The barricades, or at least part of them, are always on the stage reminding you of the sacrifice of the students either to come, or that has happened. It looms over the whole production.

On a larger point. It seems like Washington theater is on the rise. Companies like Arena Stage, Wooly Mammoth, Synetic, and Signature are staging good, interesting works. I have read that Washington has become/is becoming a major theater city. Kriston tells me that Washington has a thriving and important art scene, one of the better in the countries, and you know that I am a fan of DC music.

I am predicting that in a year the New York Times will write one of those irritating "look, things sometimes happen outside of our city" articles about DC theater/art scene. They will attribute the increase in quality to Obama.

Speaking of local music. Le Loup just did a Daytrotter session that you should download.


Dey Know (Blago)

What does a man do when his band breaks up? Produces rap songs about disgraced Illinois governors of course! You can read more here.


And I Say Hello

Well, I am back. The band is done, so I figured I would just head back over here. Judging from the titles of this and the previous post, I guess I was destined to come back here after all.

There isn't much to add to what I wrote over at the band site. There just isn't much to say. We were a band that had some good songs, and played some good concerts, but overall just didn't work. The one thing that I didn't put in is that I think the breakup is mostly my fault. I have a feeling that if I really wanted the band to continue, then it probably would.


You Say Goodbye...

I think is should be fairly obvious, but I am not really posting over here any more. Not that I was the most prolific blogger out there. Actually, I am just going to start posting over at the band blog. For example, I just posted a recap of my performance at Darren and Emilie's wedding. So head over there. I also now cover the Nats, and Boxing, for DCist.


Misc: Stupid Band Edition

First, I want to reiterate what I said over at the band blog. Thank you all for coming out to the last few concerts. Sundays and Mondays suck, a lot, and it is great that so many of you came out to them. Fortunately, we are giving you all a break for a few months.

Also, let me add DCist to my growing blog empire. Today my first post covering the Nats went up. I hope to have at least one column a week about the Nats, and a boxing post whenever it is relevant. This is all part of my plan for global domination that involves taking on projects that don't pay me anything. At least at DCist, unlike the stupid band, I won't be losing any money.

My band managed to schedule a concert in Norfolk this Friday followed by a concert in New York on Saturday. I think this picture accurately sums up the situation.

In other exciting news, I don't have Celiac Disease, so that is good.



Gosh, it has been a while since I have been here. Between attempting to keep my band together, and a child-like ability to be fascinated by free internet flash games, I just haven't had the time to write on this site. Well that all changes today!

First, because I know that you all are fascinated by my digestive system, I recently had a blood test to determine if I have Celiac Disease. Throughout this whole medical situation I have attempted to make a series of compromises. For example, I would have preferred depression to lactose intolerance. Well now, I am really pulling for lactose intolerance, because this Celiac thing looks like even less fun. And while a lot of things have dairy, I suspect that even more things have wheat. Also, I am not really comfortable with the thought of my body attacking itself.

The owner of my restaurant recently sold the place. It has been a hard year or so for her, and I am glad that she is finally free of the restaurant. She worked harder, and had to endure more crap, than anyone should and I wish her all of the best. It was funny, one the last night, most of the staff gathered at the restaurant. As we were saying goodbye, I realized that this had become more than a job to all of us. There were plenty of hugs, and exchanging of e-mails and addresses. It felt more like the last day of school than the last day of waiting tables. This feeling is a tribute to my former owner. Everyone worked there because they loved her. So congratulations Jefa!

In a funny way, I am going to miss the restaurant. Sure I was busy all the time, but I got use to it. Last night, I came got home around 5:30, and did nothing. By 9:00 I felt like it was bed time. I am just not use to having that much time to myself on a weekday. Granted, as compared to the wheat stomach eating disease, this is a pleasant problem to have.

In more exciting news, my band is a finalist to get the last spot on the FettoFest. The competition will take place this Sunday at Growlers Pub in Gaithersburg. Those unable to attend will be able to listen to the performance on 94.7, or on The Globe's website.

And in actually exciting news. My friend Darren is getting married to the lovely Emilie in Belgium in September, so I get to go to Europe. I will be spending three days in Paris before departing to Brussels. It should be a lot of fun. For example, I think I might be staying in a castle for a few nights.

So that is it for now. I think I should be congratulated for creating a remarkably boring post out of actually interesting activities.