Can't Talk Now, I Have a Class to Teach!

So, I have been kinda busy.

Last Friday I played Journopalooza with the Surge. While a weird gig, probably not the weirdest that I have ever played. It did kinda feel like a wedding though, and not a cool Belgian or Californian wedding.

On Monday, I saw Betrayed with Sarah Jessica Parker. Some may say that I saw Betrayed in the same theater as Sarah Jessica Parker, and I may say that those people are jerks. It was a really good play, and family friend Jeremy Beck was great.

On Tuesday I feel at a work event and cut my left pointer finger pretty good. It bled for about a day, and that was fun. I got a tetanus shot, now with extra Whopping Cough protection, so it was really a fortunate accident. It is also fortunate that I am not in a band right now, because I cannot play an instrument right now, and probably won't be able to play for at least a week.

Speaking of my former band, we have been nominated for a Wammie for Modern Rock group. I don't quite know how I feel about this.

Finally, Aloha Hawaii.