I am so angry right now that I can't stand it. On Saturday, at the Miss America Pageant the District of Columbia will be represented by a Floridian!

"She'll be facing off (at 8 p.m. on CMT) against another tapper -- Miss D.C. Shannon Schambeau , whose Florida high school and college diplomas set off major alarms here. Indeed, the 25-year-old got her MBA from Florida's Saint Leo University in May, just two months before she earned her D.C. crown." -Washington Post
Now one might wonder why she moved to DC, well the answer is here:
"further record checks indicated she competed for Miss Florida in the five previous years, maxing out as first runner-up."
She is a loser. She couldn't cut it in Florida, so she moved up here to steal Miss District of Columbia from its rightful citizens. Take a look here at her fellow contestants in the Miss DC pageant. Some, I am sure worthy, contestants even come from Howard University and are clearly more qualified to represent our fair city.

While we are use to being represented by citizens of other states here in the District, at least those individuals had to win something. It is one thing to deal with winners, but to have this loser foisted upon is too much of an insult to bear. If I wanted Florida's garbage in my city I would support Jeb Bush's candidacy for President.

Well Miss Schambeau is not my Miss District of Columbia. I want is known that I will be boycotting the Miss America Pageant in protest. This will not stand!

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