A Brave New World

I was looking at Make Magazine's store and noticed that of all their T-Shirt sizes, only XXL was sold out and had to be back ordered.

In somewhat related news, I think that I have come up with my million dollar idea. I want to build and exercise bike with a computer attached. I figure that a lot of people wouldn't mind browsing the internet, or whatever, while exercising. My little twist is that I want to link the download/upload speed to how fast one pedals. If you really want that torrent for Hostel to finish soon you are really going to have to put in the work. I can truly bring the athlete to cyber-athlete, your ping will be linked to your stamina.

While I plan on having this idea make me disgustingly rich, it is not just money that I am concerned about. I think that I can also bridge the gap between nerds and jocks. I picture a new world. No longer will the computer sect be oppressed by their physical superiors. I figure at least they should be able to run away. When women see a guy who is in shape, maybe they will think "Wow, he must really know is perl!" And with their only evolutionary advantage negated, jocks will have to turn to books and learning. It is a beautiful world I picture, without walls and classifications.

All I really need to do is figure out where to put the tanning equipment.

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  1. when we bring T-shirts to give away at conferences, we always bring "S, M, L, XL, XXL, and *programmer size*". {grin}

    Guess which ones disappear the fastest?