You Know Your An Awful Person When...

I was reading the NFL chat on the post today when I stumbled upon this quote:

"Christian Swezey: Agreed. I remember that Redskins fan who used to dress up in a full Indian costume back in the 1980s, and how the Eagles fans threw him off the uppder deck at the Vet one year. I think he broke his leg or something."
Does anyone have any idea if this is true? I was able to find this quote in this article:
"One time during a Redskins game, there was some guy wearing a [John] Riggins jersey and a pigskin mask," Deery said. "The Redskins were beating the Eagles bad, and this guy would just not sit down and shut up. The next thing you knew, four Eagles fans were giving the guy an early exit."
This seems to confirm the story, but I am still not sure. I mean, I know that Eagles fans have been known to cheer injuries to opposing players and thrown snowballs at Santa Claus, but this really takes my breath away.

By the way, you know Soccer Hooligans? You know, where people go to soccer matches and fight with police and crush people to death, etc? Well, there is an article in the Guardian that basically says that Americans are hypocrites when they decry hooliganism in Soccer in England. I will let you guess which fans they use to support their argument that violence in the stands is as bad here as it is across the pond.

Hooliganism for God's sake. People in Europe are looking at Eagles fans and seeing the same behavior that forced Milan to play 4 games in front of no fans at all. What really makes Eagles fans irritating is that they are proud of it. In fact, I expect to get angry Philadelphia fans over here threatening me.

All I really want to say is that Clinton Portis's mom is awesome. Also, everyone from Philadelphia is an awful person.


  1. haha, i am laughing because I once dated an Eagles fan and if I recall correctly he was thrown in the stadium jail (but I think he claimed that he was getting his friend out).

    Another Eagles friend of mine defends that they are just the most loyal fans.

    whatever. Anyway, Redskins and Eagles both suck. :)

  2. They speak of loyalty like made guys in Jersey.

  3. I have a friend who is a die hard Eagles fan who was asked never to return to Dodger stadium. Different sport/town, I know, but I think it adds up.

    Of course, none of this compares to Raiders fans. The Oakland Raiders: the only team in the NFL where it's actually a requirement that you be a convicted felon before they'll sell you season tickets.

  4. I think that the difference is that Raiders fans have been arrested, and Eagles fans should be.