A year or so ago, Tommy got NFL2k5 for the XBox and I remember thinking at the time that video game football looked better than real football, at least on my non-HDTV. This was also during the Hockey strike, when G4TechTV was simulating hockey games.

I saw today that Barclays Premiership has started showing virtual replays of goals of the week. What is great is that you can view the goal from different angles, including from the ball's point of view! And while the technology looks like FIFA from a good number of years ago, and real athletes still have to perform before the goal can be put in the virtual world, still it is still a step towards removing actual people from sporting events. I guess the nerds can just program the jocks away.


  1. 60 Minutes had a piece last night on cyber athletes, focusing specifically on some guy named "Fatal1ty". Apparently he's some video game superstar. Granted, this is for first person shooter games, not sports games, but it's only a matter of time.

  2. I have heard of Fatal1ty. I think he did a Washington Post chat a few months ago. Personally, I hope that this is the future of online gaming.