I have decided that it is better to write about music without actually listening to it. There are just somethings that are better as an idea.

For example, while I still stand by what I said about Coheed and Cambria, I will say that listening to the album didn't exactly increase my appreciation for the band.

In what I anticipate will be a similar declaration, let me proclaim my undying devotion to the band Beatallica. The claim to answer the hypothesis: "What would a Beatles's song sound like if it was performed by Metallica?" Seriously, the concept is so great that it almost left me speechless.

My appreciation for the band only increased when I read some of their song titles. Take "Everybody's Got a Ticket To Ride Except for Me and My Lightning" for example. They are able to combine two Beatles songs and one Metallica song in the title alone! "Leper Madonna" is almost as fantastic. Also "...And Justice for All My Loving" is like an unholy Jeopardy "Before and After" answer.

I don't have speakers hooked up to my computer at work, and thus have no idea what they actually sound like, but I don't see how this band couldn't be one of the greatest bands playing today.

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