The Grammys

So the Grammy nominations were announced today. And while no one cares about the Grammys, thank god, it is still fun to look through the categories and nominations. I have some quick impressions based on looking at the nominations.

  1. I can’t find a category that Kanye is nominated in that he shouldn’t win.
  2. It is a little weird that Rob Thomas is the only performer nominated for Best Solo Rock Performance whose career began after the Ramones.
  3. Rammstein should win Best Metal Performance because they set themselves on fire.
  4. It is nice to see The Arcade Fire get a nod in Best Alternative Music Album and for Best Song Written for Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media.
  5. The Best Contemporary R&B Album is the award that I would most like to cover with poison and declare everyone a winner.
  6. I have five dollars that says that they don't televise the Best Native American Music Album, and I am willing to include the Best Hawaiian Music Album and Best Contemporary World Music Album and go for the Trifecta.
  7. If Rick Moranis wins a Grammy before I do then I am giving up music forever and going to law school.
  8. You can't expect to have your award show taken seriously if you are going to give out an award for Best Album Notes.
  9. I am really hoping that R. Kelly beats out Martin Scorcese for Best Long Form Music Video, because then they will have to give up this whole "award" thing for good.

So these are my quick thoughts, I hope you all enjoy the broadcast.


  1. Rick Moranis's first Grammy nomination was in 1982, so uh, he could have beaten you quite a while ago.

  2. Well, he lost to the recently departed Richard Pryor in 1982, so I think that I am still okay