And While I'm At It

The New Pantheon Music Award will be given out two days before the Grammys in a move that "trumps the status quo." You can read about the nominations here, but basically your album has to have sold less than 500,000 copies to qualify for the award. Apparently the award is about "excellence, not sales."

I think it is a little sad that Pitchfork and the indie rock crowd feel like they have to take on the Grammys. I also think that it is sad that Adam Brody is a nominator. I understand that when he reads line written for his character on the OC, they express a fondness for indie rock, those are kinda like qualifications to judge a music award. Let us not even discuss Margaret Cho


  1. But can we discuss the fact that quite often, sales depend on excellence?

  2. I am pretty sure the success of "My Humps" calls that thesis into question.