You Do It To Yourself

My Ipod is broken. It was working fine on my walk to work this morning, but when I was playing it at the office if froze. Now it freezes periodically and refuses to play music. When I select an a song, it will just cycle through all of the songs without playing anything, then return to the home screen. In addition, the clock was reset and will not keep time, and there is a curious rattling sound.

The clock and the rattling sound tell me that the battery probably got disconnected, or is loose. I hope that I can pop open the case and fix the problem, mainly because I can't afford to buy another wiped. Also, I had grown attached to this Ipod. Sure it didn't have that fancy color screen that people seem to love so much, and it would be damned before it would play video, but I had practically filled its 40 gigs up, and gotten all of the ID3 tags standardized. I really don't want to have to do that again. I also feel like the "Most Played" playlist was really starting to understand me in a "High Fidelity" sort of way.

The worst part, and I wish that I was making this up, is that Radiohead's "Just" was the song playing when the Ipod froze. The chorus has been tormenting me all morning, feeding upon the guilt that comes with 15 years of regular church attendance. I have been retracing my whole morning trying to determine what I did to break my Ipod. I was tired this morning, maybe I could have treated it a little nicer, been a little more gentile. My Ipod was always there, and I just didn't pay attention.

I think I might need some professional help.

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