Coheed and Cambria

There is this band, Coheed and Cambria, and they are awesome! While I have only heard one song, "“The Suffering", and it is starting to grow on me, but the quality of their music has little to do with how fantastic they are. But to be sure, they rock, hard. You can go to their website and download their new video if you don'’t believe me.

Where to begin? The title of their current album is:

"Good Apollo I'’m Burning Star IV Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness."

While you may think that that title is a little ostentatious, that is only because you are not aware of all the information conveyed in that title. First you should know that they are writing a five part rock opera, centered around the characters "“Coheed" and "“Cambria."” So we know from the album title, that this is the first volume of the fourth part of the opera. They have previously released "The Second Stage Turbine Blade,"” presumably the second part, and "“In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3," clearly the third part. Unfortunately no other parts exist yet, in album form.

Know you may be wondering, "“Album form? What other form could there be?"” Well, what about comic books? The lead singer writes, and has released, a couple of comic books to accompany the music, with one comic book spanning about, and this is the best part, one or two songs! Seriously, I defy you to name another band who could fill a comic book with only a single song, aside from "A Quick One While He'’s Away"” or "“Bohemian Rhapsody."” You can read the synopsis of the story so far here. Let me implore you to stop reading this post, and go over to the synopsis. For example, Cambria seems to represent "“The Knowledge."” Yes, that is capital K, the one, the only, Knowledge. I don't know what that Knowledge is, but I am sure that it rocks. Frankly, I feel ashamed for even concerning myself with R Kelly.

I will be honest, I thought that the love-child of Kiss and L Ron Hubbard would be evil, but I was wrong. I understand that this is not a cult/religion yet, but with a five part rock opera, and one album only representing a single volume of one part, this band is clearly not lacking in ambition. In fact, my current religion has been having its own problems recently, if Coheed and Cambria can find some way to bring Andrew WK and The Darkness into the fold, then I will abandon my job, hell even my identity, and go follow the rock.


  1. good lord. I never dreamed it could be that complicated. That wikipedia article is astoundingly confusing.

  2. I know, kinda awe inspiring isn't it?

  3. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Much cooler than GWAR.

  4. I'm in a state of shock that you are now a blogger, Charles. Shock and gross disappointment.