The Apes and Big Bear

Last night I joined Kriston and Aaron at the Warehouse Next Door to see The Apes play with Modey Lemon, Big Bear, and a band whose name I didn’t catch. Given that nothing else was memorable about their set, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I missed the name.

This was my first time at the Warehouse Next Door, and I really like the space. It is small, clean, all ages (I believe), and non-smoking (for those who care). Also, they have a small bar that serves Schaefer for $2.00 a can. I understand that this is not the greatest beer, but at $2.00 it is far from undrinkable, like say Utica Club. It is like the Grog, if the Grog was run competently and cared about music.

I was really impressed with Big Bear. They were energetic, tight, and loud. I mean LOUD, my ears are still ringing in fact. Side note, another quality the Warehouse shares with the Grog is that you should really bring your earplugs with you when you go. I can’t come up with a good analogy to describe them. I think they might be considered “Math Rock” though I don’t really have enough familiarity with the term to say. What really impressed me was how well they managed to play their lines together and show a lot of emotion and intensity on stage.

The less that is said about the next band the better.

Modey Lemon played next. They were good, a lot of energy, but frankly I was still reeling from Big Bear’s set.

The Apes then closed the show. With Q and not U disbanded, The Apes are quickly becoming my new favorite DC Band. This was my second time seeing them, and they don’t disappoint. They are energetic, loud, and fun. I have been rewriting this review for about an hour, and I think the problem is that while these bands to intellectual things, it is irrelevant to intellectualize their performance. I am use to talking about chord structures, time signatures, and the like, but these things are really don’t matter to this performance. It is something that just needs to be experienced, and I find that very refreshing. I can get stuck in my own head from time to time, particularly about music, and The Apes just jolt me awake, violently almost.

So my suggestion is that if Big Bear or The Apes are coming to a town near you, go. Just go and stand up close and let the volume and rhythm wash over you. Ideally stand where the bass drum is really pounding in your chest. And while I can’t really convince you, or tell you, to like either band, I can remind you to bring your earplugs.

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