I am a little worried...

"I'm done with acoustic guitar, balladeering, I'm done with acoustic groove. Acoustic groove sucks so bad," moans the boyish singer-songwriter. "I've sucked the flavor out of it."
This quote is from John Mayer talking about his past two albums, taken from this article. Apparently he wants to do more blues stuff while “tailoring it to a pop audience.”

If this isn’t enough to send shivers down your spine, then I don’t know what is.

UPDATE: The more I think about it, the more I believe that John Mayer doing blues music should be classified as a hate crime.


  1. Let's just hope a different whim reaches him before he goes back to the studio.

  2. We can hope.

    It occurred to me that I am more comfortable with John Mayer creating obviously disposable music rather than attempting something legitimate. I just imagine reading articles about how he is the savior of blues and bringing it to a new audience. I think that is what really terrifies me.

  3. I once read where he said he wanted to get kids into more blues stuff, "like Bonnie Raitt." So at least he knows his stuff.

  4. It is not that he doesn't know his stuff, or that he can't play the guitar. It is just that I just don't think that we need another white guy doing standard blues music. I think that the death of the guitar solo is one of the best recent developments in music and I really don't want John Mayer bringing it back.

    I mean, if he had the ability and taste of say Stevie Ray Vaughn, he probably wouldn't have done "Your Body is a Wonderland" in the first place. His model is Eric Clapton who really hasn't been great since he got clean and George Harrison's wife.

    So I will only accept John Mayer doing blues if he develops a severe drug habit and falls for Johnny Lang's girlfriend.