I tried to put my phone on vibrate, but I swear it was too late.

I believe that I have made my feelings on ringtones clear. So imagine my surprise when this is my first comment spam. Now, I realize that I am only encouraging them with this link, maybe someone can help me figure out how to post one this without having the idiot’s google rating go up.

Personally I love the line:

“I come from the land of 3g audio ringtone so I know what I'm talking about!”

I realize that this is spam, and just copied over and over again, but someone had to write it at some point. And presumably, knowing that it would be copied over and over again, that person had to think that it was a good line.

This comment came on a post I did about how I hate Contemporary Christian music. Does this mean that I can look forward to ringtones of Contemporary Christian music? Because if I hear Steven Curtis Chapman coming out of a cell phone, I will be convinced that God has pulled his flock up to Heaven and given Satan this world to do with what he will, and frankly I am a little pissed that I got left out.

Also, there is a “land of 3g audio ringtones?” If this is true, then I support military action there, hell I will even enlist.

Finally, EXCLAMATION POINT? Seriously? You are that excited about ringtones and the knowledge they bestow upon you? This guy might as well walk into a chemistry class and say, “I smoke a lot of crack so I know what I’m talking about!”

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