Get Your Lighters Ready

So I have always had a soft space in my heart for Journey. Their “Behind the Music” might be the greatest thing that Vh1 has ever produced. One of my favorite memories from touring is sitting in a Communist bar in Cambridge, MA and convincing a heavily tattooed bartender to play “Don’t Stop Believing” so that we could drunkenly sing/shout it.

Well that same anthem is currently being used to inspire the Chicago White Sox. In fact the song is so integral to their success that the team asked Steve Perry to travel to Houston with them. According to wikipedia, the association happened when:

“players Joe Crede and A.J. Pierzynski went to a bar and screamed ‘Play some freakin' Journey!!’ to a bad lounge singer.”

This just isn’t fair to the Astros, they look across the field know that the full force of Steve Perry has come down against them. How can they compete? What singer can they possible call into to counter act the full force of Steve Perry? If you think that I am overstating, remember that we are not just talking about “Don’t Stop Believing” but “Faithfully” “Separate Ways”“Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin.’” and “Anyway You Want It” And god help the Astros if the White Sox get down, because then they know they are getting a full dose of “Open Arms.” It just seems cruel to make any team have to endure this.

And finally some trivia. Who was the first band to inspire a video game? Wait for it, wait for it...JOURNEY!! You can go here to read about it, but the quick synopsis is: the band has a “scarab vehicle” and has to travel to different worlds to collect their instruments. After you have collected the instruments, and used them to shoot your way back to the “scarab vehicle” the band performs a concert. At the concert you control Herbie the roadie and your job is to keep “groupoids” from attacking the band. This is so awesome that it needs no comment


  1. I heart Journey and I just saw them in concert.

  2. ahh, but you some them with that charlatan Steve Augeri