For about the last 3 months I have attempted an almost herculean task of listening to every song on my 40 gig Ipod. I created a smart play list that culled all of the of unplayed songs from my list and played them randomly. When I started, I had about 4,000 unplayed songs out of about 6,600. Well I have finally completed this task and the last song is “You are the Everything” by REM off of Green.

I will admit that I am a bit relieved. Once I realized that I was coming to the end of this task I decided that I was going to post the name of the final song. After deciding this, I became worried that the final song might be “Pop” by N Sync, or something similar. Now, I did place that song on my Ipod, and I guess I should stand by it, but Tickle identified my as “ Cool Indie Songster” like Jason Mraz. Here is their description of me:

“Have you got the remedy? It seems like you do. And like your music match, Jason Mraz, you've got a calm and collected way about you that usually makes people think of you as mature. It doesn't hurt that you're also a smarty.

Following along to someone else's song and dance? Not you. You're no copycat. You bring your own unique style to whatever you do whether it's your look, hobbies, interests, or outlook on life. Wherever you go, you prove that being yourself is the hottest thing around. And that's sure to be a hit with any crowd.”

If the final song had been by N Sync, or god forbid, a country song, then Tickle's whole scientific method would have to be called into question.


  1. so what's your next project?

  2. Having reached the end of your ipod, its ability to hold your interest has clearly been exhausted. You should probably hand it off to a friend.

    On an unrelated note, did I mention my discman just broke?

  3. So of those 6,600 songs downloaded to your ipod, costing roughly $0.99 per song(thank you itunes), how many did you actually pay for? percentage. . .? I can believe at an average of 13 songs per album that you have or have had 500 and some cd's, but you don't have every single song of each album on your ipod, right?

  4. My Ipod is mostly filled with songs from my cd's and Tommy and Catherine's music collection. I certainly got that REM song from Catherine. I have purchased about 40 songs off of itunes for it. I don't have every song from every album on at all. In fact, after listening to all of the music, I decided that the only Destiny's Child song that I really wanted was "Say My Name."

    As I was thinking about it later, I decided that the whole act was basically an attempt to justify the size of my hardware, and I will let all the Freudians read what they want into that statement.