Drifting Apart

This week's song is Drifting Apart. This is a song that Aaron and I recorded in about 3 hours in my basement last year. Like most of our experiments, I don't really remember anything about this song. Like a lot of our recordings last year, we just wrote parts as we needed them, and can't play them now. Also, don't pay any attention to the lyrics, Aaron just made them up as he went along to get the melody down. Though I am amazed at his ability to just spout off meaningless crap that sounds like it should make sense.

I have been sort of aimless since my band broke up about 2 years ago. While I have been practicing more, and I am a considerably better musician since the band, I haven't played seriously in a while. I am sure that my posters appreciate my improvement, but they don't want to give me the accolades that I need. Also, Paul Simonon remains poised to destroy his bass, and I was really hoping my playing could make him change his mind.

This song is an example of my music career for the last 2 years. Experimenting and practicing so that I will learn more for when I start playing music seriously again. Don't get me wrong, I think it is a pretty good song and there are some interesting things in it, but it could be better. I think the fact that I can't play the song speaks volumes.

Well, I have a new project in mind now. I will post more details as they become clear. My sister describes me as a music snob, and I think that it is time to prove her right... although I can't imagine there was much debate.

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