On of the unfortunate side effects of being in a band is that you have to use MySpace. I have accepted that we have to have a profile and that I will have to use the site fairly regularly, but I still hate it. It is just so very ugly, both visually and functionally.

That said, it is apparently important that we have lots of friends on MySpace. I can't imagine that people booking concerts pay that much attention to the number of MySpace friends you have. For example, can I get a gig at DC9 if we have 200 friends, but not if we have 150? I have been out of the band thing for a while, so maybe this is the case.

Anyway, if you have a MySpace account please become my friend. Note, Adam messed up something, so our first MySpace account, http://www.myspace.com/thecityveins, is not our account. We are currently using, http://www.myspace.com/cityveins.


  1. I'm not proud of myself but I thought I'd mention the browsing habits I've noticed in myself:

    If I find a new artist name and I want to hear a few clips, I type in their name to google. The first hit is the band's own site. The second hit is their myspace page. I click on their myspace page.

    I hate myspace and their player sucks but at least it sucks in a predictable way. When I go to a band's webpage I can't just hear the songs, I have to examine their unique nav and figure out what to click on to find what I want. Porbably would only take a few seconds but that's a few seconds I can save by hitting up their myspace.

  2. I know that MySpace is useful for bands, and I am not advocating my band not being on it. But Jon, as a web developer guy you have to hate myspace.

  3. yeah... i fucking hate myspace.