I Call Upon the Power of the Internet...

Now that I am in a band, I have to design a band website. It has been a while since I have done a band website, and a lot has changed on the internet since then. So I wanted to ask all of you wonderful Web 2.0 people: "what do you like in a band website?" What features must we have, and what horrible mistakes have you seen on websites? For example, I know that long flash intros that are required every time you visit the website are bad. Do we think that a blog is a good idea for a band, keeping in mind that Adam will be one of the people writing for it? Please, leave any ideas you have in comments. Thanks

Also, you will notice that I have left a permanent link to download our album on the sidebar. Again, feel free to pass it around, or link to it, or whatever.


  1. As someone who spends a lot of time working with bands, mainly via their websites, the must haves are: contact information (not in a field form, just give us an email address), photos (that aren't in flash, so people who want to write about your band can download them and use them), music (either streaming or to download), bio, schedule/tour. Blogs are awesome. A news page: also awesome. Flash intros suck. Quirky/fun features like We Are Scientist's advice page and the Walkmen's reviews page are always fun.

  2. Yeah, Amanda has it pretty well covered. Just please don't make it so that one of your songs plays automatically when you launch the site. That's the worst. And write up a nice something about the history of the band and how this album came about, because it's a good story.

  3. this isn't exactly what you asked but one thing i look for in a good beer day website is porno popups

  4. darren7:55 AM

    funny, I was just on the site yesterday. Any luck finding a friend with a sweet pad for beer day 2007?