April 11th at the Velvet Lounge

I am please to announce that my band, The City Veins, has its first concert on Wednesday, April 11th at the Velvet Lounge. I will give you more details as they become available. But you all have to come, and these are the reasons:

  1. Most of you live within 6 blocks of the Velvet Lounge
  2. Most of you have never seen me perform live
  3. Most of you don't have real jobs that you have to wake up for on Thursday
Again, click here to download our album. Remember, my blog readership is small and I know almost all of you personally, including all of your home addresses. There will be penalties for non-compliance.


  1. I'll be there, but I'll be screaming like a crazed 13-year-old fan girl. So you know, fair warning.

  2. Kriston6:52 PM

    I'll take my shirt off! Titties for Charles!

  3. woot local music @ the vl! we'd love to try and make it.