Weekend Roundup

So, what a weekend. Warning, this is a rambling whiny post whose purpose is to serve my mental health.

I worked Friday night as my restaurant hosted a local chapter of the Hash House Harriers. For those who don't know, "Hashers" are runners who drink, run to drink more, then finish the evening with more drinking. According to Wikipedia, the tradition has British origins, which makes sense because the people in this group tipped about as well as British people. One guy actually managed to tip my 73 cents on one checked then opened another and tipped me 10 cents. As a word of warning, the next time I know that the group is running I am calling the police and informing them that people are drinking in public.

The other thing they did, and this is actually very bad, was bring the remainders of their running beers into the restaurant and finishing them. This behavior could get my restaurant in a lot of trouble.

I worked a fairly unremarkable shift on Saturday. We had a group of 14 come in, and when my bartender asked if they were celebrating anything, the woman on the phone answered that they had just buried her mother. This knowledge really prevented me from being my normal charming self. For example, questions like "How are you all doing this evening?" were just out of the question.

I played two very emotional church services on Sunday. My church said goodbye to a beloved pastor who had been at our church for 14 years. She had a hand in every part of my church that I love. She was forced out of the church in some very ugly backroom dealings. A tip for my friends who will eventually get married and decide that their kids need to go to church, avoid the politics at all cost. The combination of faith, friends, money, and political views makes for some very ugly dealings. Add people acting nice to each other, because it is a church, and things get very cold and vindictive and decidedly un-Christian. But she will be missed by a good many people in our church, including myself.

So I finally get home around 9:30 on Sunday hoping to watch Deadwood and Entourage, then go to bed and put the miserable weekend behind me. Well all of the rain has blocked our satellite signal, so no HBO. Then around 11:00 my mom calls me. She is home alone and the basement of my house is flooded. So I head out to Arlington, negotiate numerous street closings, get to my house and find my mother in the basement with a bucket and about 6 inches of water. There are coolers and litterboxes and lord knows what floating around. The only thing to do is grab a bucket and start bailing. We finished around 1:30, but at least I got a great lat work out.

I didn't go to work today so I could hopefully finish the process of registering my car. In a bit of good news, my car passed inspection! Yeah! So I go to the DMV triumphantly, knowing that I am finally going to be done with this whole car thing only to find that the DMV is closed on Monday. I guess this is my fault, I didn't look to see if the DMV would be open on Monday, but in my defense I just can't fathom how a DMV can be closed on a Monday, much less every Monday.

So I returned home dejected and beaten and now I am drinking Scotch. My current problem is that I finished the last of my Scotch and worry about my Scotch supplies for the rest of the night. So how was your weekend?


  1. My only advice is that you get to the liquor store and remember to stay as far away from any of the Laphroaig Scotch whiskies. be it 12, 18 or 24 years aged, it still tastes like liquid peat moss. check out their
    site and see the picture which displays them sitting ontop a mound of peat. Next, you should imagine dunking a smoldering brick of decomposed bog into your favorite single malt whiskey. Make the face associated with that act and assume it'll be the face you'll make when you realize you wasted $30-$50. hopefully not more

  2. When Scott Cole was in town we ran a hash with those guys, it was pretty fun, my favorite part was closing the bar down then continuing to drink, even going so far as to start pouring our own drinks..then falling asleep in one of the booths.
    Are you allowed to add automatic gratuity to large parties at your restaurant? If you are this solves two problems, you guarantee a decent tip and since the tip is included you don't need to worry about upsetting anybody when you tell them, 'no you idiots, I will not give you separate checks.'

  3. I can add gratuity on large parties. What happened was that they group paid for 120 beers which everyone shared, and I pretty much put in food orders.

  4. My dad's basement was flooded as well, so he and Dave were doing some bailing that night as well.

    If that makes you feel any better.