I'll Show You How I Cook Up Summer in the Winter

I am not 100% certain, but I am going to declare Phoenix's new album, "It's Never Been Like That," to be the album of the summer. While it is not the greatest album of all time, I think it fits the criteria well. It has pleasant major key melodies and upbeat bouncing rhythms. It just generally a pleasant album to listen to. While probably not the best album of the year, it is a very good album. Now, I only got the album yesterday and may change my position, but I feel pretty confident right now.

I will say that "It's Never Been Like That" is certainly better than Linkin Park. I feel like I was not adequately consulted when that album was anointed its status.


  1. ahhhh.
    what is that lyric?
    'i can show you how i cook up summer in the winter'
    what song is it from?
    it's driving me mad!

  2. It is from the Kanye West song "Gone."