This Week in Insanity...

From today's Washington Post chat:

"Arlington, Va.: We have an 8-month old daughter. How soon should we start looking for pre-schools to ensure she has the best chance to get into a quality center?

Mimi Carter: I would start looking now. Really. Because there is a dearth of high quality preschools and child care centers and you will want to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible with your choice. It may be expensive, but think about this. Your child's brain will grow more now, between birth and five then anytime afterwards. You want him to have the BEST."
Now I don't have children, and can't remember pre-school to save my life, but don't they pretty much only teach: sharing, don't throw blocks at girls, and use the bathroom? I guess the ABCs are in there also, but if you need a fancy expensive school to teach your kid the ABCs than you should really get use to the idea of having a kid who is a "Sandwich Artist."


  1. my 4 year old niece is in pre-school and she already knows how to read (dr. seuss level) and how to count in spanish. I think pre-school is pretty beneficial....but starting at 8-mos is a little over the top.

  2. Yeah, I do appreciate that actual things are learned in pre-school. But worrying about which pre-school one is getting into when you have an 8 month old is insane.