Too Many Choices, All Of Them Offensive

I am sure most of you have seen "Zoolander." When Derek goes to Hansel's he is introduced to a midget band called the Little Kingz. It is a good joke and all, little people are funny etc., except that they were (are?) a real band. I know, because I played a concert with them are the Grog and Tankard.* I can't find much information about them now, but they played punk music on miniature instruments. The whole concert was a zoo, filled with people in weird costumes who came to laugh at the little people. One of the band members name is Scott F-Word. I must admit that I don't understand why he only hints a profanity, given that he told me that they normally play strip clubs.

While searching for information on the Little Kingz I found this article. In it, the Kingz reveal that they thought of themselves as "the Jackie Robinsons of rock and roll." I understand if you need some time to fully digest that, I'll wait.

So who, you may ask, have bravely followed the path that the Little Kingz blazed. Well how about these guys:
This is MINI-KISS! I am not sure that I need to explain them, but they are a midget kiss cover tribute band. I wish them luck, although I am not sure you parody a band known mostly for make-up and comic books.

*I think the truth in advertising award should go to the Grog and Tankard. Their website perfectly illustrates what the place is like, and what you can expect when you go/play there.

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  1. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Yeah, the Little Kingz were a real band, but they broke up a few years ago- I guess they had their differences. I went looking for more information on the old band, because I work with Pauly-J, one of the previous members (guitar). You're right- there isn't much about them on the web.