I Hope I Die Before I Get Old...

Rock and Roll is clearly a music for young people. In that vein, let me present a list of songs/albums that were recorded or released before the artist turned 26. While this list is hardly exhaustive, I think it gets the point across.

  1. Born to Run
  2. Astral Weeks
  3. Moondance
  4. Nevermind
  5. Axis Bold as Love
  6. Electric Ladyland
  7. The Clash
  8. My Aim is True
  9. This Years Model
  10. Armed Forces
  11. Otis Blue
  12. Illmatic
  13. Let It Be (Replacements)
  14. Purple Rain
  15. Murmer (Michael Stipe at least)
  16. Walking After Midnight (Patsy Cline)
  17. Lalya and Other Assorted Love Songs
  18. Led Zepplin IV
  19. Blonde on Blonde
  20. Highway 61 Revisited
  21. Pet Sounds
  22. Revolver
  23. Velvet Underground and Nico
  24. The Chronic
  25. Thriller
  26. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction


  1. But keep in mind, heroin takes decades off of your life. Many of those "young" artists had the internal organs of a seventy-year-old.

  2. Thank you for that Jeff. You are a good friend.

  3. Happy belated birthday, Chaz!

  4. Happy belated birthday!