Let's Go Grays!

I love baseball. It is far and away my favorite sport. I could barely contain my excitement when Washington finally got a team again. Well it has been a little over a year and I believe my excitement could fit in the compartment above me or underneath the seat in front of me. While I still look forward to the season and going to games again, the whole stadium debacle has taken a lot of the fun out of having a team. As for the stadium deal, I have avoided comment because I don't know where I stand. I think we can all agree that both sides are filled with jerks.

So today I read that the Nationals apparently do not own the rights to the name Nationals. And while this is no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to the team's management, I think it gives the team an exciting opportunity.

The name Nationals was never that great to begin with. It is time to give the team its rightful name of the Grays. The Homestead Grays were a Negro League team that one 9 Negro League Championships from 1938 to 1948. They were dominating, and one of the best baseball teams of all time. It would be a great tribute to the Negro League and the residents of Washington.

This idea was floated around during the first naming process, but I think it should be seriously considered again. Besides, Gray is a great name. Seriously, who doesn't love the Grays?

In many ways, I partially expect the name of the team to change once the new ownership is determined anyway. There was a lot of money made on Nationals merchandise that didn't go to whoever will own the team. It is similar phenomenon to remastering cds; you can make people buy the same things over and over again.

I realize that I am getting more than a little ahead of myself. The league will probably settle, and the Nats will still be the Nats. I just really want to hear a crowd shout "Let's Go Grays, Let's Go Grays."

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