Friday Afternoon Pop Quiz

What does "their" refer to in the following quote?

"To even be placed among their ranks is an honor in itself."
  1. Artists who have won the Record of the Year Grammy?
  2. Nobel Prize Winners?
  3. Best Actress Oscar Nominees?
  4. People Eligible for Sainthood?
  5. Attractive Girls at FSU?
It is a tough call, I know, but you must make your selection.

And the answer is...5! Way to go Jenn Sterger*, congratulations.

*Probably not safe for work, but it is close.


  1. How exactly did 9/11 hurt the trucking industry? It hurt the aviation industry, sure, but if anything I was under the impression that truck drivers have been and continue to be in demand.

    Here, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:
    Overall employment of truck drives and driver/sales workers is expected to increase at about the average rate for all occupations through 2012. However, many job opportunities will arise as drivers leave the occupation.

    The demand for long-distance drivers is expected to remain strong due to the need to transport perishable and time-sensitive goods efficiently.

    Source: BLS October 2004

  2. Err. Clearly this was meant for the post below. Sorry. Will post it there too, I guess. Oops.