I Hate Love

While I don't officially advocate the death penalty, or killing in any form, Mike Love should be shot numerous times for what he has done to the Beach Boys. As if Kokomo wasn't enough, I am currently listening to a remake of Fun, Fun, Fun that was recorded in 1996 with Status Quo, who apparently are a 60s “psychedelic/garage punk band.” And I believed that the most irritating person that the Beach Boys had worked with was John Stamos.

On top of this, I see that someone has the audacity to actually have started a Mike Love Fan Club. For $7.00 you can join the fan club and get a quarterly newsletter and a membership card. It is eerie though, we can get together, listen to Pet Sounds and burn some cards and remember a time when Mike Love was relevant.

UPDATE: I am adding the song "Student Demonstration Time" to Mike Love's growing list of crimes. The lyrics come close to conveying how bad the song is, but you really should listen to the song to really appreciate how evil Mike Love really is.


  1. How can "Student Demonstration Time" be so bad when the Scorpions' "Winds Of Change" is so very, very good?

  2. The man can grow a great beard. Seriously, I am in awe of his beard.

  3. Spot on. The man is an utter tosser. Mostly for his stupid dancing moves at 1970s' Independence Day concerts. And yet, he wrote Good Vibrations. Hard to handle that one.

    1. Anonymous6:05 AM

      He did not write GV. Perhaps contributed a couple of lines lyrically. He is musically void. WAKE UP.

  4. Anonymous12:32 PM

    If you ever ask yourself why you hate Mike Love just watch the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction of the Beach boys