Concerts of the Future...Today!

I hate people as much as the next guy, but this seems a little extreme. For those who are not interested in following the link, it describes a festival where people listen to music over headphones, and chat over IRC! Think of it, all the fun of sitting in your house alone listening to music, but you get to do it with other people. At least you know that “girl” in the chat room is actually a girl, so that is something.

And you actually have to bring your own headphones. I wonder if headphone envy occurs. Or something like: “wow, that guy has the new noise canceling Bose headphones, he must be very successful. What is his IRC chat name? Oh bartender, please send a Chimay over to imanidiot534 over there.”

I love this quote from the organizer:

"I just like being in your own head," she says, laughing nervously, "and not hearing dumb conversations like at other concerts."

The article doesn't mention ticket prices, but people who pay for this deserve each other.

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