Blue Jean Baby

Alright, so I have been trying to write a piece full of righteous indignation about the new Gap Ads. There is something about Brandon Boyd from Incubus singing Elvis Costello's “Allison” while trying to sell me jeans that doesn't sit right with me. But after looking at the Gap's press release I am left with questions more than anything else.

For example: Is there any correspondence between favorite song and favorite fit of jeans? I mean, I have never associated “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys with “Original Ultra Low Rise Flare” jeans, but if both are Joss Stone's favorite, than there must be something there right? Is “Boot Fit” a more ironic, spiteful cut of jeans? As if purchasing jeans wasn't hard enough before.


  1. I forgot to add, but you really should read the first paragraph and a half of the press release, it is fantastic.

  2. I tried to listen to music in khakis once. It was an unmitigated disaster.

  3. I miss you, CharleBlog!