I am sitting at home with my Ipod on random and one of my old songs just started playing. On one hand, I find it amazing that I can still play the whole song, but I also find the experience unsettling.

I wrote the song in my freshman year of college, so it is like 7 years old at this point. I remember thinking I was very clever at the time, “look inversions!!” The problem is that in hindsight I really wasn't that clever and I hate being reminded of it. I liken the experience to reading that essay you did in high school about “Lord of the Flies” where you pointed out all of the symbolism and felt really brilliant doing it.

I think the problem is that I was not of legal drinking age when I wrote it. I am not sure, but I think that music quality shares and inverse relationship with sobriety.


  1. hmmm, maybe that song is the reason we found your guitar naked and bearing the mark of a gigantic foot. . .Uh, i didn't do it. I still wish i was there when you burned it. ah chollege

  2. I doubt whoever destroyed that guitar was familiar with the song, and you can't blame the guitar for the song anyway. But I did learn that guitars burn fast, real fast.