Simply Stutter

I have a weird fascination with Time Life cd collections. The meetings to decided which well known songs the company should pay for in order to pedal a lot of crap must be fascinating. “Sure, we can put 'All Along the Watchtower' by Hendrix on there, but you know that means another Lovin' Spoonful song, or even worse 'Incense and Peppermints'.” I imagine that it is a lot like owning a sports team with a salary cap.

Particularly, I love the titles: Lifetime of Romance, Legends: The Ultimate Rock Collection, or Introducing Body and Soul: Soul Fantasy. These are great titles, who doesn't want a Lifetime of Romance? Granted, $119.96 is a lot of money, but you get 10 cds and can pay in 4 easy installments, and don't forget about all of the romance.

A while ago, I was sitting in a bar with Ellis Paul, and we decided that we should put out a cd collection called Simply Stutter. It would feature such hits like: “My Generation” by the Who, “You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet” by B.T.O., and “My Sharona” by the Knack. By the way, I love the way that the lyrics were written in the links to reflect how important the stuttering is. There were some other songs, but I can't remember them, but rest assured that bastard would fly off the...well not shelves obviously, but it would fly.

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