Oh My God

Over at Music Thing, there is a running series of “Guitar Superdorks.” I first came across it when Tommy sent me this link. Now, I think we can all agree that this guy is totally awesome, and presumably virile. I mean, anyone can play the guitar with their left hand under the neck, but moving it to the other side! Such a tease, he is tacitly saying that I can do better, but maybe you can't handle it.

While looking around the site, I found this link. I particularly like the end, when he gradually raises both guitars while he is playing them upside down!! Also, when he spanks both guitars like they have been naughty, so hot.

I really wish I had something very clever to say, but words fail me. I am serious, between the hair, the Gold's Gym tank top...wow. I only have one question, why?

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