Ordinarily I find Stereogum to be a fine blog, but today they wrote something that I must respond to. In this post they wrote:

"Actually, we spent more time with that Autobot that became a boombox, and his little cassette sidekicks that became robo-dudes and/or panthers -- and Optimus was a pretty big pussy in his fights with Megatron , wasn't he"
I will ignore the fact that the author misidentifies Soundwave as an Autobot, but I will not stand idly by while someone badmouths Optimus Prime. I think that this video clip is all the argument I need.


  1. While I agree that calling Optimus Prime "a pretty big pussy" is utterly ridiculous, there was in fact an autobot tape player. He was clearly a pretty big pussy compared to Soundwave, however.

    I vaguely remember there being an autobot tape which transformed into a stegosaurus. Laserbeak would have eaten him alive.

  2. Thanks for the morning pump-up Charles, but I prefer the clip that starts about 3 seconds earlier so you can hear Prime say, in a chilling foreshadow,
    "Megatron must be stopped... no matter the cost."