First, I don't mean to only post when I have a concert, but that is the way it has been recently. I realize that it makes this blog look like just a tawdry marketing scheme calling into question my journalistic integrity, but let me assure that that is not the case. I use Facebook for marketing, and general internet annoying.

Tonight we are playing at Chief Ike's with First Rays and Prabir and the Substitutes. This is a good lineup, and you should come for all of it. The show starts at 9:00, and the order is First Rays, Prabir, and then us.

As an interesting side note, Adam played in a band in the 8th grade with 3/4 of First Rays. They were called Incubus long before that other band busted out the turntables. I remember them performing a tribute to Kurt Cobain at the final 8th grade school concert. I can actually remember some of the verse, and it was great. Also, I frequently play with Andrew from First Rays in church, and have been for years. I am personally hoping for a final jam at the end of the night mixing their 8th grade band with contemporary worship songs. I think that it will be a lot like this,

except horrible.

The beach was good. Although it was weird to be at the beach with my friends for a week and spend the whole time sober, particularly given the amount of alcohol everyone else imbibed. Let me submit this as exhibit A:

Thanks to Julian for recording this. I should note that this occurred before everyone decided that they had to finish the handle of Jim Beam to prove something to Sommer, I was too sober to determine what. I also found it funny that Matt called it Jim Bean. I think that Jim Bean would be a great title for a fairy tale. Something like Jack and the Beanstalk, but with more vomiting.

I saw the specialist, and had some tests done, and apparently there is nothing wrong with me. I have no diseases, viruses, or cancer. Normally this would be good news, and it is, except that there is something wrong with me. The specialist's two current hypotheses are either:

  1. The illness that I had in February changed the way I digest things and I might be lactose intolerant now. I checked on the hypochondriacs handbook WebMD and apparently this does actually happen. If this is the case the condition could either be temporary or permanent. I am currently not eating dairy for a month and then I go back to the specialist.
  2. My illness is the product of an anxiety disorder and/or depression.
This is why I was pulling for a bacteria or virus. I figured that they could just give me some pills and clear everything up. Also, I don't see why the two theories are mutually exclusive. For example, I am not going to be happy if I can't eat cheese for the rest of my life. That is also why I am currently hoping for depression, at least then I will get some cool pills. Lactose intolerance is just too severe a punishment to bear.

So that is what is going on with me. As a side note, has anyone ever heard of the band Nomo? Just curious.


  1. I love that you remember "The Grass Is Greener" that wonderful defining moment when the faculty at Swanson Middle School politely asked me to mumble my lyrics because they were too dark. The dude blew his head off with a 12 gauge, what do you expect the song to be about? Good show last night, I especially like the third to last track you guys did.



  2. That thing about the faculty at Swanson is pretty great. Very Doors, or Stones, on Ed Sullivan.