And I'm Back...

So where have I been? Well, I am recording an album for this thing, and working on finishing another one that I have been planning for a year or so.

Also, I have been exceedingly sick for the past week. The problem is that I was so sick that I became gun shy; anytime I started to not feel normal I took it as a sign to get back home and lay on the sofa. For example, while I was out with Catherine on Saturday, I started to feel tired and slightly out of it, so I went home. I have a feeling that had I not been recently sick I would have just downed a Redbull and moved on, but the fear of reawakening the sick gods was overpowering.

Also, a lot of my free internet time has gone to playing this.

Finally, I just really have not felt like writing anything.

So as I ease back in, let me point you to this highlight from a recent Marc Fisher post. Apparently, Virginia legislators shelved this bill that would have made open containers of alcohol illegal in a car. Little did I know that passengers can legally drink in car, it just seems so illegal that I never questioned it. Personally, I love that the legislators shelved this law mainly because the proposed penalty was a $25 fine. I guess the wise people in the Virginia house feel that the punishment is too great. I don't know, if I were stuck in traffic near Reston I would willingly pay $25 just to drink my way through it. Just think of it as a cover charge.

I had a similar experience when I was taking the written exam for my drivers license. I got the following question wrong:

Who is required by law to wear a seat belt in the state of Virginia?

a) No one
b) The front seat passengers only
c) All passengers
I foolishly answered c when b was correct. You got to hand it to Virginia for disabusing me of any notions of required increased safety right when I was learning how to drive.


  1. darren11:33 AM

    Thanks a lot for introducing me to a horribly addictive game. . .bastard i love it