I am a big food network fan. Not for recipes, but mainly for discussing the personal lives of the chefs on the network. Take Ina Garten for example; she is clearly trapped in a loveless marriage and is trying to use food to win her husband back.

I have developed pretty strong opinion on most of the hosts. Most of them center around (see Sandra Lee who drives me completely insane) hate. I also cannot stand Rachel Ray. I am convinced that she spends all of her time off camera crying. Something has to balance out all the happiness and perkiness, because no one is that happy. That is why it made me smile when I read this today. When Anthony Bourdain was asked about the pros and cons of the food network he cited Rachel's show as a con and added:

“What's it, $30 a Day?” Bourdain asked. When reminded that Ray's program is titled $40 a Day, the celebrity chef shot back:

“$40 a day? Try tipping, bitch.”
This is all to say that Anthony Bourdain is awesome. According to Wikipedia, playing Billy Joel in his kitchen was grounds for firing. His show "No Reservations" is pretty great as well, and he has done a lot of drugs! Also, Les Halles has the best french fries in the District.


  1. Thank you!
    I CANNOT stand Sandra Lee. Whenever her show comes on, right after Ina, I click it off so I can't hear her grating voice.
    What do you think about Giada? I like her and just discovered they shot her newest series right in my nabe.

  2. jeffrey is so doing a secretary somewhere. I'm convinced.

  3. There was one episode where Jeffrey was coming home at the end of the week, and stopped to get coffee and read the paper. The man was clearly in no hurry to return to the wife that he had not seen for 5 days.

    Also, I most mostly ambivalent about Giada. She kinda annoys me, but not in a Rachel Ray or Sandra Lee way.