The Deep Dark Truthful Mirror

Adam is very bored at work and made up a fake Power Point presentation for our band. Basically, it is just pictures with a brief description of all of us. For me he wrote:

Charles: Guitar, Bass, Piano, Vocals
Likes: Boxing, Smoking, Drinking, Cleaning, Complicated Stuff.
Dislikes: Too many to list. Suffice it to say, he probably doesn’t like something right now.
It is shockingly accurate.

In other band news, we had to cancel our Sunday concert at DC9. Mothers across the region can thank us later.


  1. What gives? You're driving up from the carolinas to play in a battle of the bands at jax (!), but can't do the dc9 show? Maaaan...

  2. It is a booking problem. Because we are playing the Red and the Black, which is owned by the same people, they don't want us to play DC9 a week and a half before.

    Actually, what they really don't want is us to play in DC a month or so before any show with them, because they think that we will dilute our fan base, and not bring out enough people. So that is the reason.