Corona in a Can?

As I was leaving work on Saturday I got a call from Tommy asking me if it was okay if people came over to our apartment. I said that company was welcome, mainly because I didn't anticipate that there would be attempts to add extra carbonation to a can of beer. My boss was in the car, and wanted to know if I wanted some free beer for our impromptu party. I love free beer, so we went back to the restaurant and filled up. And while my boss is very nice and generous, it wasn't generosity that was guiding her, she just couldn't sell this beer. The beer in question was Corona in a can.

It appears that people just won't buy Corona out of a can. She tried offering all sorts of deals but just couldn't get rid of it. I guess that what people want out of Corona is the commercial. They want to be sitting on the beach with that clear glass bottle. The company sponsors Jimmy Buffett concerts for God's sake. It got me wondering, has anyone ever seen Corona on draft? Does such a thing exist? I am pretty sure that I have seen every other major beer company on draft, except for Corona.


  1. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Googling for "corona on draft" and "corona on draught" tells us that it's available at a few crappy Cancun resorts and--hilariously--at a Jimmy Buffet show. Go here and scroll down to "Wasting Away in Margaritaville" by Shannon Vesper, Sports Editor.


  2. Bruno Mitchell7:20 PM

    Iguana's Mexican Grill in Fresh Meadows Queens has Corona on Tap, and oddly claims it's the only place in the states. Also, great selection of Tequilas I hear.