Local Music Roundup

I am not sure how widespread this knowledge is, but did you know that Chris Richards from Q and not U has a regular column in the Washington Post? It runs every Wednesday, and in it he reviews singles because the Ipod killed the album. By my count, that gives the post two pillars in the DC music scene, I am pretty sure Travis Morrison works for the Post online. It really makes one wonder why they don't do a better job covering local music. I am not selfish, I don't need full length album reviews. If only they had a column giving quick reviews of albums, that would be a good place to highlight local music...

In other news, I saw Ian MacKaye at the Pearl Jam concert last night. He was backstage talking to Eddie at the end of the concert. I know that Eddie is a big Fugazi fan, and claims to that "13 songs" is the album that he has played the most, so I wasn't too surprised to see Ian there. I was kinda really hoping that Ian would come out on stage to join the band for "Waiting Room" or something, but alas. Actually, judging from the crowd, they probably wouldn't have known who Ian was, and that would have made me sad.

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